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Patriarchs Patriarchs
Patriarch Names & Meanings
Patriarch Name Meaning of Name Sign Adam Man, bright, to suffer death, blood Aquarius   Seth Compensation, substitute, appointed Gemini Enos Mortal, afflicted Aries Cainan Acquiring, taking possession or sorrow Scorpio Mahalaleel Praise or grace of God Libra Jared Descending, coming down, shall rule Virgo Enoch Consecrated, initiated, taught, trained Cancer Methusalah His death brings Capricorn Lamech Lament, despairing, or judged Leo Noah Rest, reprieve, relief, comfort Pisces Shem Established title, name, language Sagittarius Arphaxad Stronghold of the assembly, healer, releaser Taurus Patriarch’s 1-10:  Man appointed mortal sorrow. The grace of God shall come down and teach that His death brings the despairing and judged reprieve and comfort.  For more on this see Chuck Missler’s website http://www.khouse.org