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Exodus 28:15-21 Hebrew Meaning Odem Adam (Red, Blood) Pitdah Sanscrit - Yellow / Greek - Peridot Bareketh Flashing Stone / Lightening / Shimmering Nophak Glowing Coal Sappir Blue Yahalom Hard To Cut or Smite Leshem Precious Stone / Electric / Amber Shebo Clear or White - with Red Agate Ahlamah Calves Eye Tarshish Black Stone Heated to Gold Shoham Sea Water Yashpheh To Polish - Burnish Brass
Breastplate Breastplate Gems New Jerusalem 12 Foundations Revelation 21:18-20  Greek	   		Meaning 				 Iaspis		   		Clear Crystal / What John Saw Sappheiros	   		Sapphire / Lapis Chalkedon / Charkedon 	Copper, Burnish, Brass / Carbuncle, Red Stone Smaragdos	   		Green Stone / Emerald Sardonux	   		Sardios (Blood-Red) / Onux (Fingernail-Clear) / (Blood & Water) Sardios	   		Blood / Red / Man Chrusolithos	   		Gold Stone / Sun (Chruso-Christ-Deity) Berullos	   		Celestial / Sea / Sinai Turquoise Topazion	   		Tapas-Fire / Greek Island for Peridot Chrusoprasos   		Gold Leek Huakinthos	   		Hyacinth (Yellow Flower) Zargun (Golden Amber Zircon) Amethustos	   		Amethyst (Anti-Methustos) Believed to Heal Drunkenness The Logo The Logo New Jerusalem
This site will feature a layout of the 12 constellations in the heavens, the 3 decans of the constellations, and the meaning of such as God had originally intended them to be.  I will relate that to the Twelve Foundations of New Jerusalem, based off of the Apostles, and show how God likes to use precious stones of different colors to represent people and characteristics.   I will also look at the Breastplate of Aaron, based off of the 12 tribes, and show the similarities with the 12 foundations, but in a different order. 
I also wish to showcase the jewelry designs that I feel God inspired me to do.  This site will contain pictures of the designs done by computer graphics and a place to order the designs which I will have manufactured and shipped to the purchaser after inspection. 
The jewelry designs will be for both men and women, including recommendations for birthstones and birthstone  jewelry, original wedding ring designs, and nature inspired designs; all based off of  the 12 original gemstones, their meanings, the original Hebrew calendar, and the constellations in the  heavens. In essence, I want to further the case that God relates everything to everything else to show what could only be “His handiwork” so that “…they will be without excuse”. Romans 1:20.
This inspirational jewelry and Biblical teaching is how I feel I can best serve God and use the talents He gave me. In Him, Gloria