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Opposing Opposing
Opposing Constellations
OPPOSING (ASCENDING / DESCENDING) CONSTELLATIONS Virgo – Pisces  When the Seed of the Woman descends, the church can ascend.  The Pierced One in Virgo takes His place on the Throne of Heaven (Cepheus in Pisces). The bands of Andromeda are broken when the Breaker (Bootes) returns.  The *Age of Grace (Pisces) aligns with the promise of God (Virgo). Libra – Aries  The slain victim of Libra is now the exalted Lamb of Aries.  He is the only one worthy to break the Seals of Judgment.  The conflict started with the Scorpio / Libra attack is now restrained with the band that Aries holds around Cetus.  The *Age of Law (Aries) results from the Scales of Judgment (Libra). Scorpio Taurus  Some of the oldest mythologies are about the huge scorpion (Scorpio/Libra) that chases the God-man, Orion, across the sky, seeking to sting or wound his heel.  When one arises, the other must flee.  The stars have been a source of so much misunderstanding.  Ophiuchus (Scorpio) and Orion (Taurus) are very similar yet opposing constellations. One lies just north of and one just south of the ecliptic, making them decans instead of signs.  Both wrestle a serpent or beast, and both have ties to Deity.  Hercules (Scorpio) endures many trials as a form of penance; while Auriga (Taurus) is seen holding His flock, paid in full.  The *Age of Human Conscience or Government (Taurus) fails as it is based off of a fallen humanity (Scorpio). Sagittarius Gemini  The presented and the joined.  As the Son of Man descends, the Bridegroom ascends.  The Rider of the colt, becomes the final Rider of Revelation.  The harp and the censer (Sagittarius) are found in both the earthly and heavenly Tabernacles.  The Bridegroom and His bride (Gemini) met on earth, but are joined in heaven.  When Christ is on earth, He endures the wrath of Draco, the prince of the power of the air.  When Christ is in Heaven with His bride, the enemy Lepus (the followers of Satan) endures the Wrath of the Lamb. Capricorn Cancer  As the scapegoat bows His head and disappears beyond the horizon, the flocks of the redeemed can ascend to their new home.  The sacrifice on earth allows for the reward in heaven.  As new life (Delphinus) springs from the dying eagle of Aquila, so too does resurrection effect both the dead and living, the first fruits and the multitudes of the nations.  The rapid strike of Sagitta to His side might also portray the rapid departure of His blessed cargo. Aquarius Leo  The Water bearer and the King.  Christ told His disciples before He ascended that if He did not go, He wouldn’t be able to send the Comforter.  He also stated that right before the beginning of the Tribulation and the subsequent Second Coming, the Restrainer of evil had to be removed.  Both of course refer to the Holy Spirit that indwells the church.  The coming and going of the decans of Aquarius give us insight into the going and coming of Christ the King (Leo).  As the 2000 years since the Age of Pisces (birth of Christ) comes to an end, we know that Christ’s return is near.  In the parable of the Good Samaritan, He was to return in two days.  In hearing of His friend Lazarus’ grave condition, Jesus waited two more days before going to him and then raising him from the dead. “…with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.”2 Peter 3:8  The speed depicted by the decans of Aquarius also gives us more insight into His Return.  “Surely I am coming quickly.”  Revelation 22:20  I think the better translation though is suddenly, as the thief in the night, because 2000 years is a bit of a wait for most of us.  And that leads us back to the sudden, rapid strike of Sagitta in the previous constellation of Capricorn. Due to the procession of the equinoxes, *Ages or Ions go backward along the zodiac and are roughly 2000 years in length, so for 6000 years of humanity on the earth we have been through three astronomical Ages (Taurus, Aries, Pisces).  Oddly enough, the next age is that of Aquarius and while the song was nonsensical and the movie hedonistic, it really will be an enlightened time for man.  But that enlightenment doesn’t come from man evolving intellectually; in fact it’s written that if Christ didn’t return when He does, man would essentially destroy himself and the earth.  When Christ does return, He removes the curses, restores man’s lifespan, and ushers in the era of peace.  So it would seem this past 6000 years of Malthusian’s Dilemma was to get us back to where we started, but with the understanding of how much we need our God.  And from there, the eternity God had planned all along.  That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9   SIMILAR COLORS FOR ASCENDING / DESCENDING CONSTELLATIONS Light: Virgo  Pisces Blue: Libra  Aries Fire: Scorpio  Taurus Green: Sagittarius Gemini Multi: Capricorn  Cancer Red/Wine: Aquarius  Leo