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Sun’s Path
Breastplate Breastplate
Another Thought on the Breastplate
I had another thought concerning the order of the Breastplate.  If the constellations were to be followed more closely for the messages received on the Breastplate, in other words, look like the sun’s path through the zodiac, then they would line up a little differently.  My thought was if the Urim and Thummim acted sort of like the sun and/or moon highlighting each stone as God highlights each constellation, then some liberty would have to be taken with the translations.  The signs for Gad and Benjamin would be switched, along with Simeon and Issachar.  But all in all, it wouldn’t take much change to align it this way, and it would bring about a whole new level of understanding and importance to the constellations. I still lean towards the first arrangement, but the layout below is interesting.
English: Sardius Hebrew: Odem Tribe: Reuben Meaning: Adam (Red, Blood)
English: Diamond Hebrew: Yahalom Tribe: Naphtali                                 Meaning: Hard to Cut or Smite
English: Sapphire Hebrew: Sappir Tribe: Asher Meaning: Blue
English: Carbuncle Hebrew: Nophak Tribe: Dan Meaning: Glowing Coal Red/Brown
English: Amethyst Hebrew: Ahlamah Tribe: Judah                                        Meaning: Calves Eye
English: Jasper / Onychion Hebrew: Yashpheh Tribe: Ephraim                     Meaning: To Polish Burnish Brass
English: Beryl / Chrysolite Hebrew: Tarshish Tribe: Manasseh Meaning: Black Stone Heated to Gold

Exodus 28:15

שֵׁבֶט רְאוּבֵן
שֵׁבֶט רְאוּבֵן
אֶפְרַיִם / אֶפְרָיִם
English: Topaz to Agate Hebrew: Shebo Tribe: Simeon Meaning: Clear/Red or White/Red Agate
English: Jacinth to Topaz Hebrew: Pitdah Tribe: Issachar Meaning: Sanscrit - Yellow Greek - Peridot
English: Agate to Jacinth Hebrew: Leshem Tribe: Zebulun                             Meaning: Precious Stone Electric - Amber Brown Zircon
English: Onyx / Beryl Hebrew: Shoham Tribe: Benjamin            Meaning: Sea Water Green / Blue
English: Emerald Hebrew: Bareketh Tribe: Gad Meaning: Flashing Stone Lightening Shimmering