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Four Aspects Four Aspects
Four Aspects of Christ
Below is a comparison of the four gospels and how each represents a different aspect of Christ's character and purpose.  Then I compare that to the living creatures, the constellations, their locations, the tribes, and the gemstones.
Lion Ox or Calf Man Eagle Book of Matthew Christ as King of the Jews Book of Mark Christ as Suffering Servant Book of Luke Christís Humanity Book of John Christís Diety Ruler Servant Humanity Diety King Prophet Priest Judge 1st living creature, Seraphim,  (6 wings) around the Throne 2nd Seraphim around the  Throne 3rd Seraphim around the  Throne 4th Seraphim around the  Throne 1st face of Cherabim (4  wings), driver of God's  Chariot 2nd face of Cherabim, driver  of God's Chariot 3rd face of Cherabim, driver  of God's Chariot 4th face of Cherabim, driver  of God's Chariot Leo Taurus Aquarius Judah Joseph  (and by extension  Ephraim) Reuban Color of Royalty (Purple) /  Amethyst Color of Fire / Imperial  Topaz Color of Blood / Ruby or  Carnelian Color of the Underworld  (Nophak-glowing coal) /  Garnet Color of the Heavens /  Sapphire (If Dan is actually  representative of Libra)
Confusing, unless you go back to when Libra and Scorpius were considered one constellation.  Scales are symbolic of judgement and the eagle is the enemy or judge of the serpent. It is possible that the scales are really eagle's wings (or symbolic of such) about to land on the serpent or scorpion. It is also interesting that the sun is in Ophiuchus  throughout almost all of the time given to the sign of Scorpio, such that it may be the serpent wrestler, and not the serpent, that is represented.
Dan (referred to as both a serpent and a judge). His emblem was the Eagle. Although Dan has been represented by the sign of Libra due to the judge factor, I see Ophiuchus as the most likely candidate for the Eagle due to his fight with the serpent and his location as one of the four main points of the zodiac.