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Days of Creation
Days of Creation (As they align with the zodiac, the twelve foundations, and significant events within 1,000 years to a day.) Day 1-Let there be light (Shekinah Glory pure white light)  First 1000 years - The creation of man in God’s image; The Fall; The mingling of the sons of God with the daughters of men; The Nephilim; The heavenly knowledge; The chariots of God; The Age of Innocence to Conscience. Day 2-God divided the firmament from the firmament (waters from the waters, blue) Second 1000 years – The Flood of Noah to crush the mingled seed. The new continents; Nimrod; The Tower of Babel; The defiance of God; The division of the languages; The second incursion; The Age of Conscience to Human Government. Day 3-Let dry land appear - separate from the waters and every seed according to its kind  (volcanic action from the waters)  Third 1000 years - Abraham’s call; The promise of the Covenant; The Twelve Tribes; Moses; The Exodus; The parting of the Red Sea; The Ten Commandments; The Shekinah Glory on Mount Horeb; The Promise Land; The Judges; The Age of Promise to Law. Day 4-Let there be lights in the heavens, the sun for day and moon for night (possibly the  photosynthesis of the sun? Smaragdos-emerald or green stone does seem to be an accurate  translation)  Fourth 1000 years – The greater and lesser lights; King Saul (lesser); King David; Southern Kingdom; Northern Kingdom; Major Prophets; Minor Prophets; Solomon’s Temple; Zerubbabel’s Temple; Esther and Mordecai; Mary and Elizabeth; Christ and John the Baptist (born); The Age of Law. Day 5-God filled the seas with creatures and the air with birds (flesh-blood / water-air) Fifth 1000 years – The ministry of Christ; The Resurrection; The New Covenant (blood); Pentecost (spirit/water); The birth of the church; The fishers of men; The scattering of the Jews; The Holy Roman Empire; The spread of Christianity; The Age of Pisces (Grace). Day 6-God created the beasts of the earth and Man (Adam-Odem / red or blood)  Sixth 1000 years - The advancement of Christianity; The Crusades; The Dark Ages; The spread of man and civilization across Europe and the Middle East; The Black Death (beasts of the earth); The New World; The Reformation; The Age of Enlightenment; The Industrial Revolution; The World Wars; The Atomic Age; The rebirth of Israel; The Technological Age; The Information Age; The antichrist kingdom; The Age of Grace cont. Day 7-God sanctified it and rested (God /Christ-gold Last 1000 years – The Great Tribulation; Armageddon; The Second Coming of Christ; The judgement of the sheep and goat nations; The Millennial Reign.