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Constellations Summary
VIRGO – The Virgin.  All cultures as far back as we can go have this same interpretation.  This was the original starting point for the Mazzaroth and it is believed by some the reason for the Sphinx (Virgo/Leo offspring).  The star names don’t just represent a virgin, but a virgin carrying the good seed.  A pregnant virgin.  The first promise made by God in Genesis to fix the disaster Adam and Eve created when they disobeyed Him was through the “seed of the woman”, Genesis 3:15.  The confusion or corruption came when man started worshipping this sign (and from there other constellations) based off of the name Athor meaning the habitation of God.  Virgo was never a goddess to be worshipped, but a vessel from which God would enter man’s realm.  But from there all pagan beliefs sprouted some version of a half God, half human savior.  Unfortunately, by the time Christ actually entered the world, many pagan cultures had come and gone, thus confusing who actually had the original meaning.  The best way to figure that though is to look at which, if any, previous cultures actually had a human fulfill this prophecy.  The answer is none, not until Christ. The three decans of Virgo are Coma, Bootes and Centaurus.  They seem to introduce our main Character or Good Seed from birth to death. This is unique from all other decans.  Coma portrays the virgin again, only holding an actual infant.  All star names in Bootes imply a shepherd to come that will discern, teach, suffer and be exalted.  (Ursa Major, mentioned below, lies directly behind Bootes as if to follow Him.)  Egyptian mythology again suggests the Leo/Virgo offspring or the virgin born King.  Centaurus has sprung many legends, but with the central theme of a sacrifice for humanity that allows himself to be pierced. It is especially interesting that the Crux or cross is directly under Centaurus indicating His method of sacrifice; but no longer considered part of the constellation it was reassigned to a decan of Libra. Firsts tend to carry this theme of purity.  The first foundation of New Jerusalem is translated jasper, and is described as “clear as crystal”, Revelation 21:11.  White is a universal picture of purity.  Any clear or white stone would work, but I tend to lean towards the diamond.  The diamond is the hardest substance known to man and as such a very good choice for a foundation.  It is also pure carbon, and the simplest in composition.  The Hebrew term Yahalom, from the Breastplate, means hard to cut.  Corundum (sapphire) is also very hard, and comes in every color of the rainbow as well as clear; but I still like the carbon theory.  It is after all, the basis for life as we know it. On the first day of creation, God said, “Let there be light”... Genesis 1:3.  Not sunlight, as it hadn’t been created yet.  But His pure white Shekinah Glory light.  Light is essential for all creation and I would think especially if you wanted to create something from nothing.  For all of the pride and ego of humans and our science, we just can’t get past that “something from nothing thing”.  After all, an object at rest tends to stay at rest, so how did we get a bang?  And a big one at that.  LIBRA – Scales of Judgment.  The star names indicate both a price deficient and a price sufficient; the method of appeasement.  Whether scales or an eagle (see below), this sign represents the Tabernacle of Heaven where judgment is issued.  The gemstone of sapphire (or lapis), which composes the second foundation, can represent the waters of the deep (earth) or the heavens.  It was water that was used as the first judgment on the earth and on the second day of creation that God separated the waters from the waters (firmament).  As Libra is placed between Jesus’ birth and temptation (Virgo and Scorpio) it could possibly represent the time between age 12 and His Baptism (again water – God does try to be obvious).  Of that time of His life the Bible says very little, but we know He was aware to some degree of His calling.  The victim (Lupus) and the crown (Corona) are the two main decans of Libra.  This also plays out the roles of Christ on earth and in heaven.  I am reminded of a picture I saw on Facebook that was captioned: “What a difference three days make” and it had the crown of thorns beside a crown of gold.  The Crux or cross is considered the third decan and certainly makes sense in that being the victim of the cross yields the crown.  But as it was once considered part of Centaurus in Virgo, its meaning here is uncertain.  It is also interesting that the head of Serpens almost touches (as if reaching for) Corona, but is deprived of it by the Victim of the cross.  SCORPIO – Scorpion or Serpent.  The dominant theme of the star names is to sting or wound from a conflict or war (root word to cleave).  It is also notable that this sign mostly lies below the ecliptic, indicating the underworld.  The gemstone garnet (glowing coal) of the third foundation also relays this, along with the volcanic creation of land on the third day.  The claw of the scorpion is seen pulling on one of Libra’s scales, again indicating an attack. (On some ancient zodiacs, Libra and Scorpio are joined as the eagle attacking the serpent.)  But the sun is only in Scorpius for about 5-8 days, then moves to Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus, the serpent wrestler, is the first decan of Scorpio but given the above sun fact some would argue it was the intended sign.  Others would say the original zodiac contained thirteen signs as is shown by the 1930 astronomical (not astrological) review.  Astrologers would argue that it is too far north of the ecliptic and ruins the perfect division of 360 degrees.  On the Egyptian zodiac, Ophiuchus is shown with an eagle’s head.  Ophiuchus most likely represents the temptation of Christ after His baptism.  The Scorpio / Libra conflict could represent Satan’s attack on God or his temptation of Adam and Eve in the garden.  Either way, it represents an attack or conflict.  Serpens, the second decan, represents the serpent or enemy and is usually viewed as part of Ophiuchus. The star names of Hercules, the final decan, attest to a dual natured hero or savior, and we are all familiar with the mythology there.   SAGITTARIUS – The Archer.  The star names of this chimera-type sign indicate a dual nature of humanity and divinity.  Only one really means the archer, even if that is how tradition relays it.  They also indicate a coming forth, or a presenting.  This, along with a gemstone of emerald (fourth foundation), leads me to believe that it could represent the first Palm Sunday and the recognition of the people as to their true Messiah.  The decans also attest to this and share a dual meaning. Ara, the incense holder, is drawn falling over which represents judgment.  After Jesus rode into the Temple, he turned over all of the tables of the money changers which took place on the seventh day of the new year.  In Revelation, the prayers of the saints are released in the smoke of incense and then the angel takes fire from the alter and puts it in the censer and throws it to earth.  This is the seventh seal judgment.  The next decan, Lyra, has been represented as both a harp and an eagle.  The harp is seen with the 144,000, the Elders in the Throne-room, and other depictions representing God’s presence.  The star names attest to a divine Judge or eagle (Deity).  The last decan, Draco, which means a reptile or dragon, is overseeing these events.  It doesn’t take too much imagination to see the forces of evil at work during Christ’s last days on earth, but even beyond that we can see the negative dual nature to the sign itself. (See Planets and Constellations).  CAPRICORN – Slain Goat.  One of two chimera-type signs, half goat-half fish.  This constellation and its decans all attest to this.  It is a dying goat with the tail of a fish.  It would seem that the final scapegoat of Jewish tradition (for removing sin from the area) has the tail of a fish, representing resurrection and new life.  The star names indicate atonement and the placement of this sign would indicate Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.  The decans Aquila and Delphinus together reiterate this meaning. Star names in Aquila indicate wounded and dying while the names in Delphinus relate joy and new life.  Interestingly enough, both the creatures of the sea and air were created on the fifth day.  The gemstone for the fifth constellation and foundation is sardonyx, either a red and white agate indicating the cords for the scapegoats or a red and clear stone indicating basically the same thing by blood and water.  The star names of Sagitta, the arrow, indicate a rapid or sudden strike or blow.  The piercing of His side perhaps? AQUARIUS – Water-bearer.  This sign is that of a man pouring out heavenly water and represents the former rain or the first Pentecost after Christ’s resurrection.  It is placed after Capricornus (the scapegoat) and before Pisces (the church age).  It is the sixth sign, representing blood and a gemstone of ruby or carnelian (sardios, the sixth foundation).  The right of the Water-bearer to pour out water (spirit) was bought with blood.  It was on the sixth day that all land creatures with blood were created, including Adam (Odem).  Six is the number of man.  Star names indicate a glorified being that pours out heavenly water.  The southern fish is the recipient of that water and the first decan. Pegasus and Cygnus, the second and third decans, both have star names that indicate the going and returning of a judge or chief.  Mythologies of Pegasus, the winged horse, would also bear that out.  Cygni is a binary system of connected stars that revolve around each other with common progression, uniform motion and incredible speed; especially when compared to our system.  The heavenly speed represented by these decans would certainly attest to the fire of the Holy Spirit.    PISCES – Two Fish.  Most likely representative of the church age.  Fishers of Men was the title Jesus gave to His followers.  This is the seventh sign, representing rest (the seventh day) and the gemstone of gold (Deity and the seventh foundation).  Star names seem to signify fish or a coming prince.  I believe the two fish represent the Jews and the Christians.  One looks up, like Pisces Australis from the Water-bearer, and the other continues to swim the ecliptic.  The band (considered either part of Pisces or the first decan) that is held by Aries could signify the unifying grace of Christ, the wild and cultivated olive trees that are grafted together, and the eventual one new man. The church age has been around for two thousand years; the same as the Age of Pisces.  Christ has been the High Priest of Heaven during this time, which is most likely what Cepheus (the King) represents.  Andromeda, the third decan, would probably represent the church here on earth.  It has been anything but restful for the true Christians throughout the world and many are chained and persecuted the same today as always.  “A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.”… John 15:20.  But she does take her rightful place, as seen in the decan Cassiopeia of the next sign. ARIES – Ram or Lamb.  The star names indicate a merciful leader, sheep, lamb, and slain prince; the High Priest of Heaven.  The placement of this sign confused me as how could the decan Cassiopeia (enthroned woman), seemingly the church after the rapture, be placed before the rising of the beast kingdom (Taurus)?  One possibility is she represents the church after the final pouring of the spirit (latter rain), much more empowered, working miracles and beautiful, unchained but still on earth.  Cetus would be the evil from the nations (sea).  The gemstone representing Aries and the eighth foundation is berullos, meaning sea water, probably the aquamarine (light blue can also represent heaven).  Cetus could also represent the rising of a false lamb or leader, but still restrained in some way (band of Pisces).  Perseus, the rescuer of Andromeda and third decan, is the one that frees the church thus representing Christ, the giver of the Holy Spirit, or the latter rain.  Aries is a small constellation which could represent a lesser period of time especially compared to Pisces, the church age, which as stated above has been about two thousand years.    TAURUS – Ox or Reem; the second dual-natured sign.  If Taurus is the reem or rebel, then Orion (the first decan) is the Trinity (3 star belt) that seeks to club him in the head while he, the reem, aims one of his horns at the heel of Auriga, the Shepherd.  “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; He shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.” Genesis 3:15.  If Taurus is the Aleph, or first, the eye of God, then Orion would take on a different perspective; sort of a Cain vs. Abel story.  The Ox was the symbol of Joseph and by extension, the Tribe of Ephraim (northern tribes).  This could place the war of Magog just before the start of the Tribulation, as a warning or heads up! In Hebrew, Orion is called Kesil, or fool. But Orion stands on the second decan Eridanus (River of the Judge), which would give the constellations together a Holy Spirit or restrainer function.  That seems to make the most sense given the placement. Once the restrainer is gone, the beast kingdom, and as such the beast himself, could rise to power.  The gemstone for Taurus and the ninth foundation is topazion, from the root word tapas or fire, probably the imperial topaz.  God is described as fire but also judges and cleanses with it. The final decan, Auriga (Shepherd), is shown above Taurus holding His flock.  That could represent the end of the Church Age, in which case the rapture is an unexpectedly quiet event.       GEMINI – Union or Covenant; not twins per say.  The covenant relationship here is undeniable by the names of the stars.  Adam and Eve, Abraham and God, Christ and His Church, all different but all examples of eternal covenants requiring blood.  Two is required to bear witness, such as the “two witnesses of Revelation” or even the two cherubim of the Mercy Seat.  The two witnesses are shown as olive trees (green), and lampstands (gold) as the gemstone chrusoprasos or peridot (tenth foundation) would suggest.  I believe the placement of this sign indicates the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb” during the first part of the tribulation.  Canis Major, the first decan, is undoubtedly a Christ figure with the main star of Sirius meaning the Prince.  Before being assigned the greater dog title, it was represented as a great eagle or predator (hunter-wolf) of the serpent.  The star names within Lepus, the hare and second decan, also have roots in a serpent figure.  The stars in the final decan Canis Minor aren’t quite as clear, for example, Procyon in its Noetic elements could mean, the redeemer or the redeemed.  But Mythology seems to suggest a protective relationship between the greater and lesser dogs, again reiterating a covenant.    CANCER – Sacred Scarab; Immortality:  All of the star names and mythologies indicate a safe haven of some kind (Khan - dwelling of rest; Cer - encircle or orbit).  Praesepe, the bee- hive, within the constellation was originally translated innumerable seed.  The gemstone of amber (Leshem in Hebrew) represents this eleventh sign and foundation beautifully.  It is placed after Gemini and before Leo, indicating the latter part of or the Great Tribulation.  The decans would also attest to this.  Ursa Major, the great bear, has a long tail which is a bit strange.  It is also in part known as the Big Dipper.  It appears that the Greeks might have created an error when they confused the Hebrew words Dohver, which means a fold, with Dohv, which means a bear.  The mythologies and star names also attest to this innumerable flock that has been saved or preserved.  The mythologies in particular refer to a mother-son relationship in which there is a lack of recognition without transformation.  The following scripture definitely seems to fit here. “I will return again to My place Till they acknowledge their offense. Then they will seek My face; In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me.” Hosea 5:15 Ursa Minor, the little bear, appears to have a similar interpretation, but with a more select placement and timing (first fruits?). In fact, the constellation is the most centrally located in the heavens with the polar star in its tail.  The shape of this constellation may also represent the 7 churches of Asia Minor from which the head and the tail will be cut off (a whole study unto itself). The serpent, Draco, winds around it just like the sea around the churches.  To the west (U.S.?), is the protective Ursa Major, and to the S.E. where Israel would be lies Cepheus, the throne of the King. The final decan Argo, the ship, seems to represent the blessed cargo or possession finding safe passage from Him who cometh. LEO – Lion, Tribe of Judah, King:  Undoubtedly, the return or second coming of the King.  All star names indicate a regal, punishing judge that crushes the enemy’s head.  The gemstone of amethyst (amethustos) was always used to represent royalty.  This is where the conjunctions of Jupiter and Venus occurred during the birth of Christ and the rising in the East (what the Magi saw) during the triple conjunction with Regulus.  “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.” Genesis 49:10.  When the Sanhedrin had its sentencing power curtailed during the annexation of Judea to the Roman province of Syria (A. D. 6), the people mourned and cried in the streets because the scepter (control of the law) had left Judah (Jewish people) and they had no Messiah (Shiloh); or so they thought It is not coincidence that this is the last of the constellations or that the paws of Leo rest on the head of Hydra, the serpent.  The stars in Hydra, the first decan, all proclaim an enemy defeated and it is very interesting that it spans one third of the constellations (the number of angels that fell with Lucifer).  Crater (cup) and Corvus (raven) also have meaning as they sit on top of Hydra.  Bowls or cups are used throughout the Book of Revelation to depict the pouring out of God’s judgment and birds in general are seen eating the flesh of defeated enemies.  Maranatha!     CONCLUSION It seems almost everything including all the constellations can have a dual meaning, or a mingling of the truth.  God created the stars in the heavens first and foremost for signs, so there must be an absolute truth in there.  But the enemy leaves nothing of God’s messages untouched, always mingling the truth with some degree of lie or corruption.  A true statement must be 100% true or it is false.  And the same is true for God’s Word. The Bible is the absolute truth; all other religious based books are an adaptation, or mingling.  If unconvinced, just do the math. The odds of one man fulfilling just forty of the prophecies which Jesus fulfilled (from a total of 456 prophecies throughout the Old Testament), by random chance, are statistically impossible (The Math of Christ; Bauer, Stephen-2011).  According to the Peter Stoner study, fulfilling eight of the 456 prophecies has a random chance of 1 in 1017 (Peter Stoner, Science Speaks, Chicago: Moody Press, 1969). And Jesus is not the only one that fulfilled prophecy.  You can literally count the days from the prophecy of Ezekiel 4:3-6 to when Israel would be restored in 1948 ... and the list goes on.  Scholars agree that over one fourth of the Bible is prophetic and what has been fulfilled has been done with absolute perfection.  No other religious writings will even attempt such prophecy as only God can step out of linear time.  The Bible is literally the “how to” manual of life, penned by men but written by God.  Until people come to this realization, they are open to deception, confusion, and ultimately the enemy’s will.