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Foundations Foundations
Revelation 21:18-21 Twelve Foundations
New Jerusalem
The vector art we did of New Jerusalem (home page and above), is not intended to accurately represent the city or even my vision of it.  I think almost everyone that has ever read Revelation has searched their own imagination as to how it may look.  I personally, don’t envision a gold cube but a city with a crystal Temple and Holy of Holy’s as the highest part.  I imagine the light of God and the Savior radiating out of it thus giving it a golden light. So the artwork (above) is to highlight the foundations and the gemstones chosen.  The gemstones encrusted on the foundations are attributable to the 12 Apostles, but through a little research, we can see that they reveal a lot more than that.
Revelation 21:18-20 				 Twelve Foundations				 				 English		Greek		Color			Meaning	 				 				 Jasper		iaspis		clear crystal		clear crystal / what John saw  Sapphire		sappheiros		deep blue			sapphire / lapis  Chalcedony	chalkedon		unknown			copper, burnish charkedon		red-brown			carbuncle, red stone  Emerald		smaragdos		vibrant green		green stone / emerald  Sardonyx		sardonux		red / clear			sardios (blood-red) /  onux (fingernail-clear) / (blood & water)  Sardius		sardios		red				blood / red / man  Chrysolite		chrusolithos	golden yellow		gold stone / sun (Chruso-Christ-Deity)  Beryl			berullos		blue-green / sky blue	celestial / sea / Sinai turquoise   Topaz		topazion		yellow-orange/flame	tapas-fire / Greek island for peridot	  Chrysoprase	chrusoprasos	gold-green			gold leek  Jacinth		huakinthos	yellow / amber		hyacinth (yellow flower) golden brown		zargun (golden amber zircon)  Amethyst		amethustos	purple / wine		amethyst (anti-methustos) believed to heal drunkenness
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