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Isabel’s Questions for God
Hi God. Hi Isabel. God I have some questions. Okay. You have so many animals, some cute and cuddly, and some kind of strange looking. What is strange looking? Well, Giraffes for one.  Why did you make their necks so long? So they could eat the leaves of the trees. Why didn’t You just make the trees shorter? The trees need to be tall to protect other animals. Why not just make all animals nice? I did, but then my people, that I call mankind, disobeyed me and I cursed the earth. Why? To limit the spread of disobedience or what I call “sin”. Why couldn’t you just get rid of this sin? I could have, but I would have had to get rid of the people as well. Why? The sin was in them. Is it still there? Yes. Are you going to punish everyone for it? No. Why not? Because the penalty was too big for people to pay. So what did you do? I found someone who could pay the penalty for them. Who? Me. How did you pay it? I took a very holy and precious part of Me called “My Word”, that spoke everything you see in this world into existence, and gave Him a human body. What did you do then? I took all the sin of the world and put it on Him, Us, and allowed Him to die in place of mankind. Wow!  He died for everyone, ever? Yes. Did it hurt? Yes, terribly. Are You and Your Word okay now? Yes. Wow!  Thank you, God. You are welcome. God? Yes? I’m sorry for any hurt I caused. Thank you Isabel, I am glad to know that.  But you were already forgiven. Why? Because I love you.
This is a children’s story that takes place with God and a little girl named Isabel talking.