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Wedding & Engagement
Cross-Olive Leaf Wedding Rings (COWR) in Platinum. His – Brushed 18k gold cross on platinum wedding band with olive branch design across top and bottom of band.  Hers – 11 princess cut yellow diamonds (.22ctw) in a cross pattern on the platinum wedding band with olive branch design across top and bottom of band; white diamond accents.
Angel Wings Wedding Trio (AWWT) 14k Y or WG. His – Trilliant or round center birthstone (.25 ct), with angel wing diamond flanks and 2 accent diamonds on each side (.75 ctw).  Shown ruby. Hers (engagement) – 1 ct. trilliant or round center diamond or 1-3 cts. trilliant or round center birthstone, with 2 angel wing diamond flanks around the center stone; 24 round diamonds along the wings and sides of the ring (.75ctw).  A matching 20 round diamond or birthstone wedding ring completes the set (.75ctw).
Shared Birthstone Wedding Trio (SBWT) in Platinum. His – Wedding ring with 5 round pave set stones (.5 or 1ctw), her birthstone center, his on either side. Shown sapphire and aquamarine (Libra / Aries). Hers (engagement) – 2-4 ct. center birthstone, 10 (5 each side) round birthstones (his) taper along the sides (.5ctw), with a pave diamond band including prongs. A matching pave diamond wedding ring with 5 round cut birthstones (his) completes the set.
Inlay Birthstone Wedding Rings (IBWR) in 14k Y or WG. His – Porous birthstone inlay with two rows of four square cut diamonds or gemstones (2pts each) gold back and edge.  Hers - Porous birthstone inlay with princess cut diamond or gemstone borders (.24ctw) with faceted diamond or gemstone solitaire center (.25-1ct. available). Shown Pisces / Virgo.
Love Knot Wedding Rings (LKWR) in Platinum / YG. His – Smooth band with baguette diamond border (1/3ctw) and 2 trilliant center birthstones (1/3ct each).  Hers – 2 pear cut birthstones (1ct each) set in a swirling diamond baguette love knot design (1ctw).  This design would also make a lovely right-hand ring for a woman with two children.  Shown Scorpio / Taurus.
Pearl Wedding Rings (PWR) in 14k Y or WG. His – Pearl inlay band ring with pave set diamonds (.25ctw).  Hers (engagement/wedding 1 ring) – Pave diamond band in lace design with 12mm Tahitian Pearl, spiral diamond base and diamond accents drilled into the pearl for beauty and protection (1.25ctw). Black, white, blue and gold pearls available.
We also offer a design service for the couple that wants something even more unique to them.             Please use the “Contact Us” tab to inquire for more information on this service.
Traditional Wedding Trio (TWT) in 14k Y or WG. His – Brushed gold band with pave diamond border (.2ctw).   Hers (engagement/wedding) – Center diamond solitaire ring (.5-1.5ct.) with 2 diamond band guards (.25-.5ctw).
Inlay Filigree Wedding Rings (IFWR) in 14k YG. His / Hers – Porous birthstone inlay with gold acacia leaf filigree overlay, faceted birthstone or diamond accents (.25ctw each).  Shown carnelian with champagne diamonds (Aquarius / Cancer).